Shipping Instructions

Regular Size & Weight Packages

After you have registered with us, you may tell your shipper to address your package exactly as follows:


Your Name    


204 N Main St


Plentywood, MT 59254


DO NOT include OUR business name or any other information may cause your name to be cut off; therefore, we would have no way of knowing whom the package belongs to. Remember your billing information should always be different than your shipping information. Also, please be sure to have any invoices for what you are picking up you may need to get back across the border. Not all packages include them in the box.

Oversize/Weight Restrictions

At this time we cannot accept any shipments that arrive on a pallet as we do not have the equipment or space to handle pallets. Therefore, please contact us with details of any shipment you believe may be oversized or overweight. 

If after checking with us and/or your shipper & the package is either too large or too heavy for us to accommodate, please contact:


CarQuest - Curtiss Farm & Auto

203 E 1st Ave.

Plentywood, MT 59254

Phone: 406-765-2930

 Toll Free: 800-404-2930 

CarQuest is located approximately one block from us and have both a warehouse and a forklift. Please note that they have different rates and holding times than Plentywood Package Service and you should contact them for details.